Only six percent of Americans planning travel will wait until 2021

Only six percent of Americans planning travel will wait until 2021

The results of a survey, asking Americans their thoughts and plans on resuming travel after the country has been on hold from the COVID-19 pandemic, were released today. Respondents were asked last month if they’re planning travel, what type and when the travel is being planned. Considering the state of the economy, unemployment numbers and travel restrictions, these results show heightened uncertainty:


Key Highlights

  • About half of respondents (46%) aren’t planning any travel
  • Areas with spikes in COVID-19 cases did not impact those planning travel, all regions range from 44-47%
  • Among respondents planning travel, this summer is the most popular time with 24% planning travel for May-August 2020 and only 6% waiting until 2021
  • Commercial flight travel (12.5%) was not far behind the top travel choice of personal vehicle (12.9%)
    • People in the West favor air travel over any other mode of transportation (18%)
  • Respondents appear to favor hotel stays over other accommodations (12.1%)
  • Only 6% plan to use Airbnb/homeshare stays while 5.8% plan to stay with family/friends
  • Not surprisingly, only 3% will travel by commercial cruise or boat
    • However, more people in the northeast will travel this way instead of staying with family/friends (3.5% vs 2.8%)


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