How Will New German Ambassador push Tanzania tourism?

Regional relations in the East African Community

How Will New German Ambassador push Tanzania tourism?

Ranking among the leading European tourist market and tourism investment source to the East Africa, Germany is now strengthening its presence in East African regional states. The new German Ambassador to Tanzania, Regine Hess, had last month visited the EAC Secretariat then presented her letter of credentials to the Secretary General of the EAC Secretariat, Ambassador Libérat Mfumukeko. Madam Hess said that Germany is a staunch believer in regional integration.

Looking for close relations and cooperation among the East African States, the Federal Republic of Germany is strengthening its support to member states of the East African Community in various economic and social sectors. Wildlife conservation and tourism are key areas of cooperation between Germany and the East African Community (EAC) states.

“We are convinced that further regional integration amongst the 6 EAC Partner States will be of great socio-economic and political benefit. The German Government remains committed in supporting the EAC Secretariat in the future,” said Madam Hess.

The German government commitments to the EAC have to date counted to over Euro 470 million ($508 million). The joint cooperation focuses on the areas of economic and social integration as well as health. Ranked as Tanzania’s traditional partner, Germany is supporting wildlife conservation projects in southern Tanzania’s Selous Game Reserve, Mahale Chimpanzee tourist park on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, and Serengeti National Park in northern Tanzania’s tourist circuit.


Leading wildlife parks in Tanzania have been established by German wildlife conservationists. The Serengeti ecosystem and Selous Game Reserve – 2 of the biggest conserved wildlife parks in Africa – are key beneficiaries of German support on nature conservation in Tanzania up to this moment. These 2 parks are the biggest conserved wildlife sanctuaries in Africa.

Serengeti National Park, the oldest wildlife protected area in Tanzania was established in 1921 and later developed into a full national park through technical and financial support from the Frankfurt Zoological Society. The park was established by the famous German conservationist, the late Professor Bernhard Grzimek.

Germany has up to this date been a market source for about 53,643 tourists visiting Tanzania per year.

KILIFAIR Promotion Company is a newcomer from Germany in Tanzania’s tourism industry through exhibitions targeting to promote Tanzania, East Africa, and rest of Africa as well, focusing to attract global tourists to Africa.

KILIFAIR stands as the youngest tourism exhibition entity to be established in East Africa, and it had succeeded in making a record-breaking event by attracting a magnitude number of tourism and travel trade stakeholders to Tanzania, East Africa, and Africa through its annual exhibitions of tourist products and services.

Most tourist-attractive sites pulling most German tourists to East Africa other than wildlife parks are the historical sites including the old German buildings, cultural heritage sites, and Mount Kilimanjaro expeditions.

The East African Community is a regional intergovernmental organization of 6 Partner States, comprised of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda, with its headquarters in Arusha, northern Tanzania.

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