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Zanzibar aims at half a million tourist visitors by 2020

(eTN) - Although the recent riots are now a thing of the past, they also left some intense concerns among tourism stakeholders on the spice island of Zanzibar where many investors fear any repeat coul

Tourists in Zanzibar advised to stay in resorts and use extreme...

(eTN) - At least thirty rioters were charged yesterday in courts of law in Zanzibar, following their arrest over the weekend, when mobs incited by sectarian talk stormed two Christian churches and bur

Zanzibar radicals opposed to union with mainland cause weekend chaos

(eTN) - In what has been described as acts of frenzied madness, radical Islamists attacked at least two churches in Zanzibar over the weekend.

Zanzibar tourism law to be revised after only 3 years

(eTN) - A regular source from Dar es Salaam has taken issue with the apparent plans of the government of Zanzibar to amend the Tourism Act of 2009 after hard-line legislators suggested “moral decay

Zanzibar gets new Tourism Minister

(eTN) – The spice and tourist island of Zanzibar has got a new Tourism Minister after a cabinent reshuffle announced Tuesday by the isle’s President, Ali Mohammed Shein.

Zanzibar tourists threatened with jail for eating during daytime?

(eTN) - Disturbing news emerged from Zanzibar overnight when it became known that a minister in the Zanzibari government had made public demands that police arrest anyone seen eating or drinking in th

Zanzibar and Seychelles join tourism efforts

Minister Jihad Abdillah Hassan, the Zanzibar Tanzania Minister responsible for Information, Culture, Tourism and Sports, and Mr.

Oman Air to improve connectivity from India to Zanzibar

(eTN) - The national airline of the Sultanate of Oman has just announced changes in their scheduling for flights from Muscat to Zanzibar.

Tourism news: Zanzibar tourism gets out of political union

TANZANIA (eTN) - While Zanzibar is struggling to market its beach tourism through joint efforts with Tanzania mainland, the outgoing Zanzibar President Amani Abeid Karume has said tourism would not fa