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World Heritage site status of Zanzibar’s Stone Town under scrutiny

The status of Zanzibar’s ancient Stone Town as a cultural World Heritage site (WHS), accorded in 2000 by UNESCO, will be coming under scrutiny in the run-up to the next UNESCO General Assembly sched

Precision Air targeted by smear campaign?

(eTN) - There are growing indications that the breaking news story yesterday morning in Tanzania’s Daily News about the alleged ban of Precision Air by Zanzibari authorities is both a fluke as well

Sauti Za Busara gets ready for 10th anniversary edition

The 10th edition of Sauti Za Busara, East Africa’s most popular performing arts festival held on the spice island of Zanzibar, is gearing up as final preparations are now underway for the February 1

Zanzibar crackdown continues to net more extremists

(eTN) - Information from a regular tourism source on the Spice Island of Zanzibar indicates that security forces, since the last outbreak of extremist militant violence which also spread to Dar es Sal

Dar es Salaam remains tense after army deploys in hot spots

(eTN) - The most recent clashes between separatists and religious radicals in Zanzibar, which caused considerable concern among the island’s tourism fraternity, have been mirrored in Dar es Salaam d

Zanzibar again descends into sectarian violence

(eTN) - A further outbreak of sectarian violence was reported late yesterday from the Spice Island of Zanzibar, leaving tourism stakeholders exasperated once again.

Women in tourism celebrate World Tourism Day in Zanzibar

(eTN) - Members of the Tanzanian women’s tourism group celebrated the annual World Tourism Day on tourist island of Zanzibar.

ICTP spices up membership with welcome to Zanzibar

HALEIWA, Hawaii, USA; BRUSSELS, Belgium; VICTORIA, Seychelles – The International Council of Tourism Partners (ICTP) announced that the Zanzibar Commission for Tourism has joined the alliance as a d

Tourists escape death after dramatic ocean rescue

(eTN) - According to a regular source from the Tanzanian coast, three foreign tourists had to be pulled from the sea, as their boat, sailing from Pangani to Zanzibar sank after running into heavy weat

Zanzibar to host international tourism conference

Experts from various countries worldwide will meet in Zanzibar later this month to discuss various issues on tourism industry in developing countries.

Chumbe Island gets global recognition by Sustainia

(eTN) - The Chumbe Island Coral Park was selected at the Rio+20 Summit as one of a hundred globally-selected projects and included in the inaugural Sustainia 100 listings, as was announced yesterday b

Zanzibar aims at half a million tourist visitors by 2020

(eTN) - Although the recent riots are now a thing of the past, they also left some intense concerns among tourism stakeholders on the spice island of Zanzibar where many investors fear any repeat coul

Tanzania intensifies security in spice island of Zanzibar and other tourist...

(eTN) - Reacting to recent incidents in which four tourists were mugged in the Tanzanian capital city of Dar es Salaam and the political stalemate in the Indian Ocean tourist Island of Zanzibar, Tanza

Tourists in Zanzibar advised to stay in resorts and use extreme...

(eTN) - At least thirty rioters were charged yesterday in courts of law in Zanzibar, following their arrest over the weekend, when mobs incited by sectarian talk stormed two Christian churches and bur

Zanzibar radicals opposed to union with mainland cause weekend chaos

(eTN) - In what has been described as acts of frenzied madness, radical Islamists attacked at least two churches in Zanzibar over the weekend.

Zanzibar: a sinking tourist paradise

ZANZIBAR, Tanzania (eTN) - The tourist island of Zanzibar is celebrating the day of union with mainland Tanzania, while posing a sinking threat, not in the Indian Ocean, but in political turbulence, l

Zanzibar lawmakers: Tourism sector dominated by foreigners

Zanzibar — Some members of the Zanzibar House of Representatives are alleging that the tourism sector is dominated by non-Zanzibaris contrary to the isles ambition of establishing the industry three

Zanzibar tourism law to be revised after only 3 years

(eTN) - A regular source from Dar es Salaam has taken issue with the apparent plans of the government of Zanzibar to amend the Tourism Act of 2009 after hard-line legislators suggested “moral decay

Zanzibar gets new Tourism Minister

(eTN) – The spice and tourist island of Zanzibar has got a new Tourism Minister after a cabinent reshuffle announced Tuesday by the isle’s President, Ali Mohammed Shein.

Zanzibar ferry disaster culprits charged in court with murder

(eTN) - Eleven people, including the captain, and some of his crew and staff in charge of load controlling and operations of the ill-fated ferry MV Spice Islander, which sank off Zanzibar en route to

Zanzibar sets new plan for tourism growth

Zanzibar is looking at tourism as the leading foreign revenue source, as the number of foreign tourists visiting the island has been growing in the past years.

Qatar Airways eyes Kigali

The news that first broke out during the Dubai Air Show, regarding Qatar Airways eyeing three more East African destinations, has been confirmed.

Sauti za Busara biggest event for Zanzibar tourism

(eTN) - Zanzibar’s globally-renowned music and culture festival, Sauti za Busara, is finally getting the official recognition it has always deserved, when official tourism sources announced that a s

Zanzibar alerted over terrorism

(eTN) - The Indian Ocean tourist island of Zanzibar is keeping a watching on terrorist threats to East African tourist destinations, looking at closer cooperation with other countries to fight terrori

Zanzibar focuses on tourism to boost its economy and job creation

(eTN) – The Indian Ocean tourist island of Zanzibar is looking at tourism as the isle’s leading economic sector and a leading employer to a half of the island's workforce.

Ferry transport shortage prompts return of previously-banned ships in Tanzania

(eTN) - Information was received from a source in Dar es Salaam that the Zanzibari maritime authorities have lifted the bans on two previously-grounded ships, one out of service for several months alr

No new ferry for Zanzibar-Pemba route anytime soon

According to the latest reports, Zanzibar government is reluctant to purchase a new, state of the art ferry to allow islanders travelling between Unguja and Pemba islands a safe means to reach their

Ferry disaster could ruin Tanzania’s tourist destination image

The maritime accident that hit Zanzibar last week has left tourism officials worried that recurring disasters could ruin Tanzania’s image as a tourist destination.

Four in court as manhunt for captain of stricken Tanzania ferry...

(eTN) - Four people were charged in a Zanzibar court on Saturday for being responsible for the death of over 200 passengers when a Tanzania ferry sunk enroute from Unguja to Pemba.

Zanzibar government denies knowledge of owners of sunken ferry

(eTN) - In an extraordinary, though not unprecedented turn of events, the government of Zanzibar has reportedly denied having any knowledge of the registered owners of the MV Spice Islander.