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Double whammy as Yellow Fever outbreak joins Marburg Fever

UGANDA (eTN) - Uganda’s tourism industry is in jitters since the announcement that Marburg Fever has been identified as the cause of death of at least four people in the Kabale District in Southwest

South Africa revises Yellow Fever policy

(eTN) - The Department of Health has informed South African Society of Travel Medicine (SASTM) of the following amendments in its Yellow Fever policy:

Destination news: No Yellow Fever in Rwanda

(eTN) - State media and tourism promoters have jointly pointed out that there are no known cases of yellow fever in Rwanda, following concerns being expressed by travelers after an outbreak in Decembe

Yellow Fever outbreak reported in Northern Uganda

UGANDA (eTN) - It was learned overnight that over the festive season, cases of Yellow Fever were reported from remote parts of Northern Uganda.