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Myanmar tourism enters a new era

YANGON/BAGAN, Myanmar (eTN) - Experts have long predicted that Myanmar (ex Burma) would one day open up and turn into Southeast Asia’s hottest destinations.

Changes are in the air in Myanmar

PHNOM PENH (eTN) - Myanmar has long been considered as a pariah state due to its harsh military government and its poor record on human rights.

Vietnam Airlines commences 2nd direct route to Yangon

HANOI, Vietnam — Vietnam Airlenie's official announced Sunday that the carrier will launch a second direct route to Yangon next week.

Bomb found near popular tourist market in Yongon

YANGON, Myanmar — Authorities in Myanmar found a bomb hidden near a popular tourist market in Yangon, state media reported Saturday, accusing anti-government groups of trying to instigate violence a

Myanmar’s renewed interest for international tourism

With Yangon served out of Kuala Lumpur, low-cost carrier AirAsia completes its presence in all ASEAN countries from its main gateway in Malaysia.

Good news for Chiang Mai

Air Mandalay will resume flights betwen Yangon and Chiang Mai, starting on August 2, 2009. The flights will be operated every Monday and Friday with the following schedule: