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World leaders, celebrities supporting 2013 Special Olympics World Winter Games

WASHINGTON, D.C. - What will be the world's most inspiring sporting event of 2013, to be held in just two weeks?

Copenhagen Climate Summit – all hope is dashed

The hopes of many have been dashed, when over the last weekend President Obama and the assembled leaders of the APEC 2009 meeting in Singapore expressed doubts that any breakthrough towards arresting

Seychelles President calls on world leaders to show political will and...

Seychelles President James Michel has made a strong appeal to world leaders to fulfill their promises of feeding the more than 1 billion of the world’s hungry, while at the same time addressing the

Call to world leaders to include tourism sector in economic, stimulus...

The 18th session of the UNWTO General Assembly concluded with unanimous endorsement of a Roadmap for Recovery to mainstream travel and tourism into economic stimulus packages being considered by globa