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Lamu Cultural Festival set for World Heritage Site of Old Town

Many of the world’s destinations loudly boast an opportunity for the traveler to “enter another world.” Off the shores of Northern Kenya, the island of Lamu offers this experience in its purest

Mediterranean diet in the spotlight at World Heritage Tourism Expo

ITALY (eTN) - The World Heritage Tourism Expo (WTE) 2012 will come alive this year as it hosts the first edition of the “World of the Mediterranean Diet.” Event innovations include the change in l

More lodges for the Mosi-oa-Tunya Park in Zambia

ZAMBIA (eTN) - During the week, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Tourism, Given Lubinda, announced that seven sites within the Mosi-oa-Tunya Park were up for grabs by investors to construct new hot

Snow adorns the crown of Kilimanjaro

TANZANIA (eTN ) - Constituting the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro is slowly building up its snow cover, allaying the fears of prominent scientists who had predicted witnessing the emine

Aldabra – the apple of the eye in the Garden of...

(eTN) - Splendid isolation comes to mind when looking up Aldabra, the world’s second largest coral atoll and part of the Seychelles archipelago.

Botswana applies for World Heritage Status for the Okavango Delta

The Minister for Tourism, Kitso Mokaila, announced during the week that the Botswana government is consulting with communities surrounding the Okavango Delta in order to get their support for an appli

UNESCO issues challenge over Selous Game Reserve

(eTN) - One of Tanzania’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Selous Game Reserve, may be declared a "World Heritage Site in Danger," should the Tanzanian government continue to recklessly pursue plans

Kempinski to push ahead with Zanzibar Stone Town plans

(eTN) - It was learned from a source in Dar es Salaam that Kempinski Hotels, probably to make up for the recent loss of a management contract for their resort on Zanzibar, is continuing to seek exempt

Fort Jesus makes it into UNESCO World Heritage books

(eTN) - The latest round of declaring sites of significant importance to the world’s cultural heritage by UNESCO has seen Fort Jesus included in the list of now protected and globally-acclaimed monu

Tanzanian President nullifies application to grant Eastern Mountains as World Heritage...

DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania (eTN) - Tanzania's President has rejected an application to place some mountains in the Eastern Arc under the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (

La Reunion island impresses with their UNESCO World Heritage Site during...

The Indian Ocean Island of La Reunion has made an unprecedented mark during the 2011 Seychelles carnival when they paraded a float in the carnival procession depicting their volcano and their newly-ac

Dirr’iya is a World Heritage Site

The World Heritage Committee approved the registration of Al Turaif Quarter, in the Al Dirr’iya historical city near Riyadh, onto the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

Siberian Plateau becomes United Nations World Heritage Site

NEW YORK, NY - The World Heritage Committee of the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization

United Nations says Galapagos Islands no longer in danger

The Galapagos, comprising 19 islands and a marine reserve, are situated some 1,000 kilometers from the South American continent.

International body to focus on protecting Haiti’s culture

(eTN) – It has been almost six months since the 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck and devastated Haiti.

UNESCO plans to contribute a million dollars to Kasubi Tomb rebuilding

(eTN) While Ugandans from all walks of life continue to contribute generously to the fund established by the Buganda Kingdom towards the rebuilding of the UNESCO World Heritage Site,

Reconstruction of Kasubi Tombs in Kamapala begins

Kampala’s one and only UNESCO World Heritage site, the Kasubi Tombs of the Buganda Kingdom, is now being readied for rebuilding, following a

A clash of civilizations at UNESCO

The Egyptian press slammed the defeat of Culture Minister Farouk Hosni who aspired to become the head of UNESCO. Like proof of a clash of civilizations, Cairo struggled to mend its bruised image.

Venice threatened by new port

The World Heritage site, built on an island in the centre of a lagoon in North East Italy, is visited by millions of tourists every year eager to float down the Grand Canal in a gondolier.

50th anniversary poses new challenges for Serengeti

The Serengeti National Park just celebrated its half century anniversary amid reports on the growing challenges for the national park by human encroachment, demands for concessions by lodge developers

Africa’s UNESCO Ngorongoro Conservation Area faces significant ecological threats

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has raised a red flag against Ngorongoro Conservation Area, located in Northern Tanzania, threatening to remove it from the l

Penang tourism’s dilemma: To build or retain its UNESCO status

Penang's future as a UNESCO World Heritage Site is under attack from property developers who see selling more hotel rooms as the future in the tourism industry.