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Cape Town: South Africa’s unofficial design capital

Cape Town has always been Africa’s unofficial design capital and is marked by the ingenuity and entrepreneurial nature of its citizens – who make clever use of recycled materials, and produce cost

The important role of city design in Cape Town

Cape Town was recently named World Design Capital 2014, based on a bid that highlighted the power of design to reinvent, heal, and transform a city, by creating systems, solutions, and environments th

Win for the Mother City of South Africa

It was announced today that Cape Town is the official World Design Capital for 2014, winning the accolade from competing shortlisted candidates Bilbao, Spain and Dublin, Ireland.

Cape Town’s World Design Capital delegation committee’s first day in Taipei

Ahead of the World Design Capital announcement at 0600 on Wednesday, October 26, 2011, the Cape Town delegation arrived in Taipei this weekend.

Cape Town waits to hear if it will be named World...

In a few days, Cape Town will know whether it will be awarded the title of World Design Capital 2014. Cape Town is a finalist along with two other world cities, Dublin and Bilbao.

Cape Town competes to be named World Design Capital

In just under two weeks, Cape Town will know whether it will be the World Design Capital 2014. Cape Town is competing with Dublin and Bilbao.

Cape Town in the running for World Design Capital 2014

The year 2014 represents a significant milestone for South Africa as it will mark 20 years since the country’s first free democratic elections in 1994.

Cape Town makes top 3 for global city design title

Cape Town has been short-listed for the World Design Capital 2014.