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Brazil invests $86 billion in hosting 2014 World Cup

In order to improve tourism infrastructure in the next few year in preparation to receive soccer lovers from all over the world the Brazilian government and the private initiative are going to invest

Will cruise ships be kicked out of the World Cup?

There's been a lot of confusion in the media this week about whether or not Queen Elizabeth 2 and two Holland America Line cruise ships will be allowed to serve as floating hotels in Cape Town, South

Foreign Office warns English fans of tourist dangers in SA

England football fans hoping to travel to the World Cup finals in South Africa have been warned about possible ticket scams.

South Africa’s poor will get tickets to 2010 World Cup

Officials are concerned that despite a special category of some of the cheapest tickets in World Cup history, poor blacks will not come to matches, robbing the event of the noisy and colorful atmosphe

Latest South African Tourism Report

The South Africa Tourism Report provides industry professionals and strategists, corporate analysts, tourism associations, government departments, and regulatory bodies with independent forecasts and

South Africa tourist slump sees growing retrenchments

A slump in tourism and conferences is hitting the hotel and events industry hard, particularly in Cape Town and Durban.

Confed visitors coming back for more

Johannesburg, So Africa - Findings of a survey commissioned by Cape Town Tourism (CTT) during the Confederations Cup reveal that visitors were happy with the proceedings of the tournament.

FIFA shifts focus to attracting tourists as 2010 stadiums near completion

With only 500 days remaining until the opening ceremony of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the governing body would focus its attention on the infrastructure and arrangements surrounding the 2009 Confederati

Corrupt South Africa cops could target 2010 tourists – ISS

CAPE TOWN - Some members of South Africa's poorly paid police force are vulnerable to corruption and could target tourists during the 2010 Soccer World Cup for bribes, the Institute for Security Studi
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