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Mexico’s aviation woes spread north of the border

Mexico's aviation industry woes have spread north of the border.

Long-haul international flights suspended by Mexicana

Woes continue for Mexico's oldest airline, Mexicana, which announced on Monday the indefinite suspension of all but one of its long-haul international flights to destinations in Europe, North America

Jet Airways: Strike is over, woes go on

Air travelers in India let out a collective sigh of relief on Sept.

Drop in tourism adds to Egypt’s economic woes

A slump in tourism is aggravating Egypt's economic woes and affecting the lives of those who depend on the industry for a living.

US airline labor tensions grow; Judge rules vs UAL pilots

CHICAGO - From picketing ground workers and flight attendants to disgruntled leaders of a pilot's union, labor issues are heating up at US airlines.

Airline industry woes in Europe

Greece said on Wednesday it would close Olympic Airlines and relaunch it as a private company, ending years of wrangling with Brussels over the loss-making state airline.

Global airline woes hit the Asia-Pacific

NEW International Air Transport Association figures suggest the malaise affecting the US airline industry may be spreading to the Asia-Pacific.IATA's March traffic figures show that global traffic growth in March was down to below 4 per cent when adjusted for the early Easter break, with passenger loads down 1.7 percentage points on last year to 76.1 per cent.

Major airline woes are impacting regional carriers

As the industry's executives gather this week at the Regional Airline Assn.'s annual conference in Indianapolis, they - and some of the small communities they serve - have plenty to worry about.

Airline woes and predatory price fixing for all

Don't be fooled.The bankruptcies, mergers and consolidations among the major airlines are going to cost passengers more money and make travel even more of a nightmare than it already is.It's Economics 101: Less competition means higher prices, decreased customer service, crowded flights, and serious disruptions in the event of labor disputes or maintenance issues.