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Turkey hit by big freeze

(eTN) - Extreme winter conditions have brought life to a standstill across Turkey. The biggest freeze since 30 years has grounded 180 flights on Tuesday, and on Monday 200 flights were cancelled.

First Winter Operation Forum for airports and airlines to be held

Keilir Aviation Academy announced "The First Winter Operation Forum" presented in partnership with AirTransportNews, ACI, AEA, SITA, Icelandair, and the Ministry of Transport in Iceland.

US travel crippled by winter whiteout

Extreme winter weather is creating travel mayhem across 30 states in America, where satellite images from NASA show the frigid blanket covering over 2,000 miles of land from Texas to Maine.

Southeast US winter weather may affect travel

The National Weather Service has issued winter storm warnings in the states of Kentucky, Tennessee, Wyoming, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota, West Virginia, Ohio, Virginia, Indiana, and South Caro

Snow shuts down Eiffel Tower and Frankfurt Airport

Heavy snowfall has forced a border closure between France and Luxembourg and stranded thousands of airline passengers in Germany's busiest airport.

Winter weather to affect travel in Minnesota

Customers booked on flights operated by Delta Air Lines, Delta subsidiary Northwest Airlines. or Delta Connection carriers to, from. or through Minneapolis-St.