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Live like a local in Nassau, Bahamas

Travel destination - the Bahamas - is a Caribbean archipelago located off the coast of Florida with a long history of colonization.

VistaJet’s newest in-flight service is nothing to “wine” about

VistaJet announced today the launch of The VistaJet Wine Program,

All-business-class boutique airline launches New York-Nice service

Four years after launching as an exclusively business-class boutique airline with flights between New York and Paris, La Compagnie has announced the launch of...

Wines of Brasil embrace the World Cup and the Olympics

BENTO GONCALVES, Brazil - Brazil is one of the most exciting countries in the world and at Vinexpo 2013, the most traditional wine fair in the world, the largest country in Latin-America will be showi

TAM Airlines wins fourth top award at for its wines

LONDON, England - TAM Airlines has won another of the top categories in Business Traveller’s prestigious "Cellars in the Sky"; awards that recognise airlines for the quality of the wines served on b

Pays d’Oc: Second tier. Not second class

There is so much to know about wine that I should have started my education as soon as I was born.

Cold in New York: select Bordeaux

NEW YORK (eTN) - It is cold in New York. It is time for fur coats and mulled red wine. It is cold enough for skiing and saunas, bikinis and surfing.

Wines must be carefully chosen for consumption at altitude

The airline industry has seen fewer travelers take to the skies in the wake of the global financial downturn and rising fuel costs.

TAM receives awards for wines served in First Class

LONDON, England - TAM Airlines has won two of the top categories in Business Traveller’s prestigious "Cellars in the Sky"; awards that recognise airlines for the quality of the wines served on board

Brazilian TAM launches new 2012 wine list

São Paulo, Brazil - TAM Airlines, the biggest airline in Brazil, is offering its passengers a new wine list.

TAM launches new menus and wine list for 2012

São Paulo, Brazil - TAM Airlines has launched a new menu for its international flights in 2012.

First-ever event on Turkish wines wows London

LONDON, England - Turkish wines were launched to the UK market to great acclaim and excitement yesterday, Thursday 24 February 2011, at Vinopolis when leading wine experts, Turkish winemakers, histori

South Africa’s World Cup fans to embrace some of the best...

Foremost South African wine connoisseur, Patrick Durkin, strolls through the cool, musty interior of the wine cellar he manages in Johannesburg.

American Airlines earns title for Best Business Class Wines at Cellars...

FORT WORTH, Texas - Judges at an international wine-tasting competition have raised their glasses to American Airlines, twice selecting the airline's wine offerings as tops in their class.
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