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Africa Travel and Tourism: Trends for the New Year

Players in the travel and tourism ecosystem in Africa travel look forward to 2019 with full optimism.

First time ever in Asia: Madhya Pradesh Tourism successfully hosted AdventureNext...

An international event specialized in Adventure travel, one of its kinds in ASIA, successfully concluded by MP tourism

Shutting wildlife parks does not benefit tourism

INDIA (eTN) - Saddled with worldwide recession, falling margins, slowing demand, high inflation and bankruptcy of ideas to spur growth, tour operators and resort owners in tiger reserves across the co

Not another drought please

(eTN) - When in late December 2009 a long and harsh drought finally broke in Kenya, the Masai’s traditional way of life had been shattered along with their herds of cattle and goats, which were deci

Uganda Wildlife Authority to fork out a billion to Murchison Falls...

UGANDA (eTN) - As much as a billion Uganda Shillings (approximately US$415,800) has accumulated in accounts set aside to give communities neighboring the Murchisons Falls National Park their 20 percen

Banning wildlife tourism in India is not the solution

INDIA (eTN) - Resort owners and tour operators in wildlife reserves are up against a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) filed in the Jabalpur High Court seeking to ban tourists and visitors from enterin
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