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Uganda Wildlife Authority launches mountain biking at Mt. Elgon

UGANDA (eTN) - Tourism sources have expressed their satisfaction over news that the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) is now permitting the use of mountain bikes at Mt.

Tanzania Director of Wildlife sacked over illegal wildlife export

(eTN) - Tanzania’s no-nonsense Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Ambassador Khamis Kagesheki, announced today the sacking of several top officials in his ministry for their involvement in

Tanzania marks 50 years of wildlife conservation and tourism development

TANZANIA (eTN) - From a single national park in 1961, Tanzania is marking 50 years of independence, with well-established and full-fledged protected 15 national parks, rich with wildlife and natural p

Wildlife conservation and policymakers to meet in Dar es Salaam

(eTN) - Cabinet ministers responsible for wildlife conservation from seven African countries are meeting in the Tanzanian capital city of Dar es Salaam discussing cooperative enforcement operations di

Tanjung Puting National Park: re-introducing orangutans to the wild

Imagine you are an explorer heading out to the jungle to see wild orangutans and other exotic tropical animals and you will begin to get a sense of what a visit to the Tanjung Puting National Park is

UN: Marine trash threatens wildlife, economy and human health

With vast amounts of marine litter posing multiple threats, from harming wildlife to damaging tourism to loading the human food chain with potentially cancer-causing toxins, a United Nations conferenc

Zimbabwe wildlife land reform expected to greatly impact tourism

A leading wildlife expert in Zimbabwe has warned that government's push to implement the controversial wildlife based land reform will have "a huge" impact on tourism.

Sudan tourism and wildlife contracts on shaky ground

(eTN) - When the peace agreement was signed in January 2005 between the Sudan People's Liberation Movement and the regime in Khartoum, many investment opportunities were waiting for the quick witted,

Uganda Wildlife Authority court case bounces

(eTN) - The scheduled hearing of a case filed by the executive director of the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) and several of his colleagues, to reverse what they termed "illegal" suspensions and dism

Abundant wildlife makes Zambia one of top African tourist destination

With its abundant wildlife, magnificent waterfalls and offering safaris on foot, canoe and horseback, Zambia has established itself as one of Africa's most popular tourist destinations.

SeaWorld guests donate 1 million dollars to conserve wildlife

ORLANDO, Florida - In just four months, more than US$1 million has been pledged to wildlife conservation efforts around the world thanks to vacationing families participating in the new "SeaWorld Care

Uganda lobby senses new chance to stop game hunting

UGANDA (eTN) - The anti-hunting lobby in Uganda has taken fresh hope, following reports last week that the top management of the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) was suspended from office to clear the

Court rules in favor of Uganda Wildlife Authority staff

UGANDA (eTN) - As was expected by many informed observers watching the current saga at the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) unfold in the public arena, the High Court in Kampala yesterday granted an in

Uganda Wildlife Authority saga takes new twists and turns

UGANDA (eTN) - As officials from the Ministry of Tourism and members of the board of the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) were summoned to appear before a parliamentary committee this week, revelations

TravelTalkRadio discusses wildlife questions

The San Francisco bay area (previously San Diego)-based

Wildlife trade thrives in Baghdad due to lack of government regulation

BAGHDAD – A dozen fluffy white kittens with piercing blue eyes frolic in a wire cage, perched perilously atop a pen containing two African lion cubs.

Reports on security presence in Murchisons not correct says Uganda Wildlife...

A report last week about oil companies coming under scrutiny has drawn a comment from the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) in regard to alleged comments made by some of their staff and then reported in

Uganda oil companies come under scrutiny

Fresh allegations were made by some wildlife managers that the present oil exploration in areas both inside and outside national parks and game reserves was responsible for killing wildlife in the aff

Uganda Wildlife Authority faced with fresh encroachment at Mt. Elgon

Information was received last week that while people are still being evacuated from inside the national park where they are presently threatened by landslides in the wake of torrential rains sweeping

Uganda Wildlife Authority confirms added habituation

The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has just confirmed that two added groups of gorillas are presently under habituation.

Uganda Wildlife Authority catches and relocates maneater croc

A crocodile, weighing over 600 kilograms, was recently captured by the Uganda Wildlife Authority in Mayuge, following reports that the beast had attacked many people in past months and allegedly kille

Sri Lanka could have a big 4 like Africa has a...

Wildlife enthusiasts and tourists the world over are quite familiar with Africa’s “Big 5” the most sought after, highly visible, large, and sometimes dangerous wild animals.

East African tourism and wildlife management bill passed

The East African Legislative Assembly, while conducting its third session held in Kampala, Uganda, last week, passed the long-awaited tourism and wildlife bill, which also facilitates the setting up o

Ol Pejeta Conservancy now a premier tourism destination

The 90,000 acres Ol Pejeta Conservancy, straddling the equator on the Laikipia plains between the towering Mt.

Joint tourism body bill passed by EA House

The regional Assembly has passed a Bill that could see East African countries jointly manage their high potential tourism and wildlife sectors.

Massive expansion for Al Ain wildlife park

From a simple zoo to a major reserve is the story of the Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort in the rich emirates of Abu Dhabi.