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Sri Lanka Navy goes into tourist business

The Sri Lanka Navy has started a tourist ferry service to watch whales along the southern coastal areas from today.

Whale watching tops ecotourism activities in Dominican Republic

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - With a heaping 25 percent of its lush green land and pristine coastal areas protected as national parks, reserves and sanctuaries, the DR is the most bio-diverse country in the Ca

Tourism threat to whales curtailed in French Polynesia

Authorities in French Polynesia are cracking down on the whale watching industry.

Latin America’s whale watchers: one million strong and growing

SANTIAGO, Chile - Latin America's whale watching industry has experienced a growth surge, with direct income from ticket sales more than quadrupling in the past 15 years and more than one million whal

Is Southern Sri Lanka the world’s top spot for seeing blue...

South of Dondra in Sri Lanka, may turn out to be the best location in the world for seeing blue whales. Furthermore, it may also be the best for seeing both blue whales and sperm whales together. This view is based on recent observations and a theory of a migration of whales by marine biologist Charles Anderson.