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Israeli tourist site lets visitors “shoot terrorists” in the West Bank

Settlers near Gush Etzion in Israel are offering tourists to Israel a chance to experience what life near the Green Line can be like by providing them an opportunity to “catch the terrorist.”

Over 1.5 million tourists flock to Bethlehem for Christmas

BETHLEHEM, West Bank - Around one and a half million tourists have visited the West Bank city of Bethlehem so far, with thousands more expected to arrive in the coming days for Christmas celebrations,

UN envoy calls for “forceful” action against Israeli extremists

The top United Nations envoy in the Middle East deplored today’s desecration of a mosque in the occupied West Bank and called for “forceful” action by the Israeli Government against such attacks

Israel uses tourism to tighten hold on occupied West Bank

Israel has launched a tourism campaign in the occupied West Bank to increase support for retaining the territory in case of the formation of an independent Palestinian state.

UN urges Israeli leaders: End blockade on Gaza

(eTN) – United secretary general Ban Ki-moon and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met Wednesday at United Nations Headquarters in New York, where they discussed a number of issues including

US issues travel warning for Israel, the West Bank and Gaza

US has issued a travel warning for Israel, the West Bank and Gaza late Sunday night. The Department of State warns U.S.

Israeli army raids Palestinian city, arrests foreign tourists

The Israeli army swept into Ramallah in the West Bank Sunday in a pre-dawn raid to arrest two Western tourists.

Israel reneges on settlement ban with “tourism plan”

Israel plans to develop tourist magnets in the West Bank despite pledging to temporarily halt settlement construction in the occupied territories.

UK to promote West Bank as tourist destination

The West Bank has a reputation for instability, military checkpoints and the ever-present threat of war with Israel.

American tourist stuck in a pit for two days

A 27-year old American tourist was rescued Thursday after being stuck in a pit in the northern West Bank for two days.

Israel eases grip on popular tourist destination in the Jordan River...

The Israeli army has removed a major checkpoint on the road into the West Bank town of Jericho, easing its grip on one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Jordan River valley.