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Airlines correct to vet passengers for excessive weight

Taking a commercial airline flight is, statistically speaking, the safest way to travel.However, it can still be hazardous to your health.

Southwest Airlines: Silent Bob too fat to fly

He may like to make you laugh, but "Silent Bob" found nothing funny about being kicked off a plane for being fat.

15 airline scales fail state inspection

Three state investigators with the Arizona Department of Weights and Measures went to the Tucson International Airport Tuesday to check the scales. All 15 scales investigators checked failed at TIA.

Inspections show inaccurate airline scales may cost travelers money

Before packing your suitcase and heading to the airport this holiday season, consider this: The airline's baggage scale may be the reason you're paying extra for an overweight bag.

Air Canada Jazz: The planes will be 25 kilograms lighter! Oh,...

Air Canada Jazz’s decision to drop inflatable life vests from its flights is "asinine," Halifax-area MP Peter Stoffer said Saturday."They’re removing life vests?" he asked. "Are they nuts?"

Charging by the pound may help fliers slim down, Aussie airline...

A travel magazine reported Monday that Australian airline AirAsia X is considering charging passengers by the pound in a bid to fight rising fuel prices and to "help Aussies lose weight."

Philly false airline ads draw high responses, ethics concerns

NEW YORK - Did the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News cross an ethical line Friday when they ran a slew of false ads for a non-existent airline in an attempt to gauge the power of print and online advertising? Some journalism ethicists and observers say yes.