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Volunteering and tourism having a positive impact on local communities

On International Volunteer Day (December 5), celebrated in 2011 under the theme “Volunteering Matters,” UNWTO is highlighting how tourism and volunteer work can make a difference through its UNWTO

8 trips that let animal lovers help out along the way

Riding on elephants is cool, but helping them live well is cooler. That's the thought behind voluntourism -- travel that lets visitors help out along the way.

Offer South African travel to entice your award winning sales team

Expanding your business to offer a South African infusion into your products doesn't have to be hard.

Give Back, Get Involved and Feel Good!

Nancy Rivard, founder of Airline Ambassador International joins Sandy to talk about the Cruise 4 Haiti. The Liberty of the Seas, departs Miami on November 14, 2010 on this 7-night cruise.

Interest in global voluntourism continues to grow

The number of Americans interested in volunteer vacations continues to climb, according to a new University of California San Diego Extension survey, but there are dramatic differences between the gen

Helping others is top itinerary for today’s US teens

US teenagers are setting a new trend in tourism--voluntourism, the results of a scholarship contest have revealed.

Intrepid Travel announces launch of voluntourism projects

Due to the increasing need for development work overseas, Intrepid Travel has launched voluntourism projects in 10 countries. Intrepid encourages adventure travelers to get involved in community development and to make a difference while traveling.