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Africa Hospitality Report 2018/19 launched

The 2nd edition of Jumia’s Africa Hospitality Report looks at the 2017/2018 trends in the continent’s tourism, travel, hospitality and aviation industries.

Island trips for Chinese tourists on course for sustained growth

Being spot on with what island tours have to offer is important as tourists perceive certain destinations, for instance ones in the South-east Asia,...

Full visa liberalization for Chinese tourists will boost EU economy

Europe’s visa regimes are among the most restrictive in the world according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) which estimated that 74%...

Israel “reviewing the rationality of visa-free traveling for the Ukrainians”

KIEV, Ukraine - Israel's Tourism Ministry is closing its office in Kiev and reconsidering allowing Ukrainian citizens to visit without a visa.

First Taiwanese tourists enter the UK visa-free

The first group of Taiwanese tourists to travel visa-free to the UK completed immigration procedures and entered the nation smoothly on Tuesday, a process that the government hopes will soon be introd
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