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Continental, US Airways fined by Department of Transportation

The Department of Transportation fined Continental Airlines and US Airways on Thursday for violating the department's price advertising rules.

Aviation news: FAA fines Continental Airlines $230K for violating maintenance regulations

Continental Airlines Inc was fined $230,000 on Tuesday by U.S. aviation authorities for flying a jetliner that was not in compliance with maintenance regulations.

Feds verify whistle-blower’s allegations of Northwest’ noncompliance with FAA safety orders

WASHINGTON — Complaints by a federal inspector that Northwest Airlines wasn't following FAA safety regulations and wasn't being held accountable by the agency have been verified by government watchd

Congress may challenge USAID project

The USAID-funded ASEAN Competitive Enhancement project, by promoting Myanmar, breaches the rules on how it is allowed to disburse funds and must be changed if Congress intervenes.

Spirit Airlines fined $375,000 for violating consumer protection regulations

Spirit Airlines has been hit with a record civil fine for violating consumer protection regulations.

Delta hit with $375,000 fine for violation of passenger bumping rules

Delta, the world’s largest airline, just got hit with a $375,000 fine—a civil penalty—for violating rules designed to protect passengers who've been bumped.

ASTA to file brief against state of Florida

ALEXANDRIA, VA - In response to several new amendments to Florida's Seller of Travel law, ASTA will file an amicus curiae (friend of the court) brief in ABC Charters v.

TSA fires back: Blames airline for security violation

Even though its inspector's actions caused nine American Eagle planes to be grounded in Chicago this week, the Transporatation Security Administration says it may pursue action against the airline for

Alaska Airlines violates union contract

SEATTLE, WA (August 7, 2008) - An arbitrator has ruled that Alaska Airlines violated its contract with the union that represented ramp service agents in May 2005 when it outsourced ramp work in Seattl