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Airbnb fights back after opponents circulate fake news

Opponents and those competing with Airbnb are hotels, resorts, and community activists. Are these opponents now in the business of producing fake news, fake...

Cunard defines luxury with new spa offering

Mareel’s redesigned hydro-pool on newly-refurbished Queen Elizabeth with focus on wellness and beauty.

Zimbabwe: A genocide in progress? Should Tourists Leave?

Foreign tourist should leave Zimbabwe. After a violent crackdown Tuesday night, a scary calm is returning to portions of Zimbabwe This may not be a constant situation. "Zimbabwe is open for business and tourism" might have died a premature death before business became business

Princess Cruises passengers inspire new “Celebrations” Campaign

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. - Princess Cruises has debuted a new look at how and why passengers cruise – as told through videos from Princess passengers themselves.

British Airways launches travel tip videos

HARMONDSWORTH, England - With more than 900,000 people traveling with British Airways this February half-term, the airline is giving travelers a light-hearted helping hand with their top travel and ba

Macau.com/jp partners with Aomen.TV for Japanese Macau online videos

MACAU (August 18, 2008) - Macau.com launched a partnership with Macau video provider Aomen.TV to provide Japanese online videos of Macau travel and tourism attractions.
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