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American Islamic Congress offers condolences to families of Boston Marathon Bombings

WASHINGTON, D.C. - "The American Islamic Congress offers its condolences to the victims, families, and all Bostonians affected by yesterday's attacks in Boston," said AIC's Executive Director Ms.

Will the cruise line industry do BP’s dirty work?

After a BP refinery in Texas exploded in 2005, killing 15 workers and injuring scores more, the oil giant paid $1.6 billion in settlements to employees and their families.

Eruption claims two lives

Two people died from exposure Tuesday and one was rescued after getting lost on their way back from sightseeing the three-week-old volcanic eruption on the Fimmvorduhals pass on Mt.

Skal Kampala donates to Haiti victims

In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that rocked and largely destroyed the Haitian capital and other towns, the Skal Club of Kampala donated US$1,000 to the Skal International Haiti appeal f

Airbus sued in USA over Sudan Airways crash

Information was received from sources in Khartoum that several families of victims of the Sudan Airways crash, while landing in the Sudanese capital a year ago, have filed suit in the United States, n

China private airlines go from ‘threat’ to state rivals’ prey

China’s private airlines created competition for state-controlled carriers, just as the government wanted. Now, they are the ones suffering from it.

Stranded snowstorm victims spend 8 Hours on Atlanta’s tarmac

Having your flight cancelled because of the snowstorm is bad enough, but imagine having to sit helpless and strapped in, on the tarmac, for as long as 8 hours beforehand.

Le Passage to India extends a helping hand to flood victims...

Le Passage to India (LPTI), India's leading destination management company, joined hands with TI Info Tech, TUI India, Indian Routes, and Select Hotels to help flood victims in Bihar.

1 million drought victims in Syria prompt $20 million UN appeal

The United Nations last week launched an appeal for $20 million to help up to 1 millions Syrians, predominantly herders and subsistence farmers, hit by the country’s worst drought in four decades.

Choice Hotels lends support to recent hurricane victims

SILVER SPRING, MD (September 29, 2008) - As the recovery efforts continue throughout areas of the Gulf Coast following the recent hurricanes, Choice Hotels International, Inc.

Sex tourism and children

Children are innocent, they are also impressionable, they live what they learn. They learn ABCs, phonics, arithmetic, English and other subjects related to their development. They also learn about sex and engage in sex too, if given the opportunity. Sex tourism is a growing phenomenon where children are used for transactional sex across the world.