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First “hetero-friendly” hotel opens in Italy

Axel Hotels Group is the first "hetero-friendly" hotel to open in Italy. It is a new project that is part of its expansion plan...

eTN interview with Cuban Tourism Office Councilor: Major plans for island’s...

Launched in November 2018, Cuba's celebration of the 500th anniversary of the founding of San Cristobal de la Habana will end in November 2019....

Venice’s San Clemente Palace Kempinski reopens

San Clemente Palace Kempinski, the Venetian luxury resort located on its own private island eight minutes away from St. Mark's Square, will open for...

Tourism is killing Venice and the city is fighting back

Tourism is killing Venice. And the city is fighting back with the plan to curtail the most pesky and least profitable segment of the...

Emirates presents super lounge at Fiumicino Airport

The Rome Leonardo da Vinci Airport Emirates lounge, an area of 950 square meters, stands among the most spacious lounges in the Roman airport.

Instagrammers dream: Most Instagram-worthy US travel destinations named

Seasoned travel experts partnered with some of the world’s top travel influencers to produce the compelling list of top Instagram-worthy travel destinations for 2019....

34 ports in 14 countries: Carnival Legend’s 2020 European schedule released

Carnival Legend will operate Carnival Cruise Line's most diverse European season to date with nine- to 16-day voyages visiting 34 ports in 14 countries...

Early success of the 55th International Art Exhibition of the Biennale...

ITALY (eTN) - The International Art Exhibition at the Venice Biennale, which opened June 1, got off to a positive start.

Cruise ship tourism threatening to overwhelm sinking Venice

Each day, more than 60,000 people visit Venice - more than the entire population of the city.

Palembang on the Musi River: heart of ancient Srivijaya

Palembang, the second largest town on Sumatra after

French-Italian train comes into service in December

ITALY (eTN) - Thello, is the name of a new private French-Italian low-cost train, linking Paris-Milan-Venice.

European Tour Operators Association holds travel meeting in Venice

The European Tour Operators Association (ETOA) held a meeting on August 23 with the assessors in charge of tourism and transport in Venice.

Italia Nostra: Venice faces “irreversible” catastrophe due to mass tourism

The lagoon city risks “losing its soul” as it struggles to cope with 60,000 tourists a day, nearly double the number it can sustain, according to Italia Nostra (Our Italy).

Hotel tax vote in Venice postponed

Following scenes of protest, walkouts by certain councillors, and ultimately a lack of quorum, the debate and vote on Venice’s proposed accommodation tax was delayed on Monday evening (June 20).

Now is the time to snag a travel deal to visit...

LIBERTYVILLE, Illinois — If you’ve longed for a Mediterranean cruise, but have been put off by the prices, here’s good news.

Venice to introduce tourist ticket

Venice mayor said that it is time for the city to introduce a "tourist ticket" for its roughly 20 million visitors a year in order to help the historic island city's finances.

City entry fee proposed for Venice visitors

Your next trip to Venice may cost you more. The city is about to start charging tourists an entrance fee.

Fewer and fewer call Venice home, but it’s not dead yet

The city of Venice, Italy, with its famous waterways and beautiful buildings is losing official residents at a rapid rate causing some people to hold a mock funeral on Saturday.

Venice threatened by new port

The World Heritage site, built on an island in the centre of a lagoon in North East Italy, is visited by millions of tourists every year eager to float down the Grand Canal in a gondolier.

Row over Venice Coke sponsorship

A row has broken out in the Italian city of Venice over a new 2.1m-euro (£1.8m; $2.7m) sponsorship deal between the authorities and Coca Cola.

Pay virtually and pee virtuously in Venice

Venice, Italy - Venice wants to make itself an easier place to go, so it is launching an online service to allow visitors to pre-pay for access to public toilets with the click of a mouse.

Venice pushes online tourism service to ease congestion

From Feb. 1, Venice will make its tourism services available online in a bid to spread the concentration of its 20 million visitors more evenly throughout the year.

Norwegian Cruise Line to home port ship in Venice

Norwegian Cruise Line will home port a ship in Venice in 2010 -- a first for the 42-year-old line.

R.O.A.R.: If the economy is so bad, then why is...

There’s no MAGIC in how I handle my business… it’s the ability to improvise, adapt and overcome! Thinking Outside of the Box

Venice goes to war with boorish tourists

Venice is stepping up a campaign against badly behaved tourists in an effort to reduce friction between its residents and the 20 million people who visit the city each year.
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