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Uganda withdraws VAT exemption for hotel accommodation

(eTN) - Uganda’s Finance Minister Maria Kiwanuka announced that the VAT exemption for hotel accommodation will be withdrawn.

Iceland tourism braces for huge VAT increase

The government of Iceland is proposing a whopping increase to its VAT (value added tax) from its current 7% to 25.5%.

VAT refunds for tourists due to commence January 2012

(eTN) - A regular source from Dar es Salaam has provisionally confirmed that the long-awaited VAT (Value Added Tax) refunds for tourists on departure from either Julius Nyerere International Airport i

WTM Vision report reveals overseas visitors to UK not deterred by...

Overseas visitors to the UK will not be deterred by high VAT, providing sterling remains weak against key inbound currencies, reveals a report released yesterday (May 25) at the WTM Vision Conference-

Kenya tourism minister says no VAT on cruise ship services

The Kenyan tourism minister announced last week that in the future, cruise ships on port call in Mombasa will not have to pay

Prime Minister Netanyahu stops VAT on tourism to Israel

Prime Minister Netanyahu announced the cancellation of plans to impose a 16.5 percent VAT on the purchase of foreign tourist services in Israel, as raised by the budgetary department of the Treasury a

New rules on VAT

Travel and tourism is the largest sector of the EU economy. Europe’s share of global tourism is declining – bad news for European exports.