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USA Tourist Visa denied for eTN writer – eTN wants...

(eTN) - With the United States of America establishing a national tourism identity, "Brand USA," travel to the US for tourism purposes becomes a top export earner for the country.

NTA: we stand with Brand USA

DENVER, Colorado - NTA President Lisa Simon wants the tourism industry to stand strong with Brand USA, as the marketing arm of the United States enters a period of transition.

NTA questions House vote to defund Brand USA

LEXINGTON, Kentucky - NTA is asking US representatives to re-evaluate their elimination of Brand USA, the nation’s first tourism advertising and marketing campaign targeting visitors from overseas m

NTA Visit USA Center in China celebrates gold award

LEXINGTON, Kentucky - There’s a new plaque on the wall of the NTA Visit USA Center in Shanghai, China.

Where to travel in the USA? The answer is Knoxville

You’re a collegiate sports fan, he wants to see the hottest in fine arts and crafts, the kids have a history project due on Monday – and everyone wants a holiday.Is there really a place in the USA that combines all of this – and is also a perfect weekend destination with quality hotels, excellent dining, and superb shopping that ranks high on the happiness meter for everyone?