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US sanctions virtually ground Syrian Air

International tourism to Syria may be burgeoning, but getting there is increasingly difficult due to U.S. sanctions that have essentially grounded Syria’s national airline.

Minister: US sanctions crippling growth of national airline

Damascus - U.S. sanctions on Damascus have crippled the development of national carrier Syrian Arab Airlines, and it has had to cancel orders for new Airbus planes, Transport Minister Yaarob Badr said Tuesday.Syria can't place orders for new planes "because of the U.S. sanctions" which Washington imposed in 2004, Badr was quoted as saying in the official Al-Baath newspaper.

Cuban Tourism: US sanctions? So what? There’s always the rest of...

HAVANA - Canadian tourists fleeing a harsh winter and buoyed by their strong dollar are flocking to Cuban beaches in record numbers and helping Cuba's tourist trade end a two-year slump.Cuban hotel managers said a surge in Canadian "snowbirds" led to unprecedented tourism during the winter months of January through March.