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35 airlines confirmed for CONNECT Middle East, India & Africa forum...

More than 30 airlines have confirmed their participation at the inaugural CONNECT Middle East, India & Africa – co-located with Arabian Travel Market 2019...

Forex Trading In 2019: The Next Big Thing

The global currency market has witnessed a number of big events in 2018. New opportunities have been unlocked for the investors. Last year, Sterling...

Airbus reports strong Full-Year 2018 results, delivers on guidance

Strong 2018 performance, guidance delivered Revenues € 64 billion; EBIT Adjusted € 5.8 billion; Free Cash Flow Before M&A and Customer Financing € 2.9...

$12.60 per gallon: Zimbabwe sets world’s gasoline price record

Zimbabwe is in the midst of an severe economic crisis and acute shortage of foreign currency, which has led to fuel, bread and other...

IATA: Airlines heading for a decade in the black

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) forecasts the global airline industry net profit to be $35.5 billion in 2019, slightly ahead of the $32.3...

Live like a local in Nassau, Bahamas

Travel destination - the Bahamas - is a Caribbean archipelago located off the coast of Florida with a long history of colonization.

Kenya Airways stick to its guns as some hoteliers complain about...

(eTN) - Rumbles from within the tourism industry are slowly emerging over Kenya Airways’ recent introduction of US dollar-based domestic fares, which can be paid with the equivalent of Kenya shillin

Kenya Airways introduces dollar charges for domestic flights

(eTN) - Regular travelers on regional and international flights are used to paying for their tickets in US dollars, or at least the equivalent in local currency, according to the bank rates on the day

My embarrassment: the most expensive Big Mac in Zurich

[Editor's Note: The below article is a response to an article by Simon Black [senior editor at SovereignMan.com], which was published as part of eTN Midweek.

Uganda: Devaluation – while tourists smile the locals cry

UGANDA (eTN) - When the Uganda Shilling hit a record low of 2.500 versus one US Dollar over the weekend, foreign visitors had reason to smile for getting a lot more out of their hard currency transact

Expert on the future gets questioned at WTTC summit

LAS VEGAS (eTN) - Dr. Ian Goldin is the director of Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford, as well as a professional fellow at Balliol College. With such credentials, Mr.

Favorable exchange rate: Now a tourist attraction for Iceland

REYKJAVÍK, Iceland (eTN) - More Swiss, German and American tourists visited Iceland in April 2009 than in 2008, according the Iceland Tourist Board.

US dollar worth more for Americans traveling abroad

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Today's financial news in the United States has seen better days - stock markets closing at record lows, housing values dropping, education costs on the rise.

Wolfgang’s East Africa Tourism


Dollar drops, along with number of US tourists

Sources in local tourism industry warn number of American tourists to Israel expected to decrease sharply due to financial crisis in US.

US tourists getting less bang for their bucks

The US dollar used to be the universal tourist currency, accepted almost anywhere, from the streets of Hanoi to the plains of Africa. But the continued slide of the dollar against other currencies has led the greenback to be shunned in unexpected places, creating new problems for American travelers and pushing prices higher.
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