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An end to austerity in sight as luxury brands report upswing

LONDON, England - Last week, luxury goods makers such as Lamborghini, L'Oreal, Cerruti and Roberto Cavalli were among those at the Reuters Global Luxury and Fashion Summit to announce that they had se

Airline industry enjoying surprising upswing

From rising traffic to increased fares, the airline industry is enjoying a surprising upswing in the face of lingering doubt about the strength of the economic recovery.

Sri Lanka tourism on the upswing

(eTN) - The immediate post war period gave rise to a dramatic increase in arrivals in Sri Lanka, confirming the fact that the tourism industry is a front-end industry - first to fall heavily when ther

International arrivals to US up for 3rd consecutive month

In the month of December 2009, total international visitors to the US reached 4.1 million, an increase of 5 percent over December 2008.

Sri Lanka hotel arrivals on the upswing

The January performance of Sri Lankan hotels has been excellent, with arrivals reaching 50,750, which is a 32 percent increase on last January.