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Google’s ITA buyout negotiations irk travel industry

Google is upsetting more people today, with plans to buy out a travel software company leading to complaints from travel sites, and Google's search engine being partially blocked in China after it fai

Puerto Penasco travel warning riles Mexican tourism officials

Tourism officials in Puerto Penasco, Mexico, are upset over a U.S. government travel advisory warning Americans against traveling to the seaside resort town after dark.

Mexico lashes out against Chinese quarantine

BEIJING – Mexican officials angry about China's decision to quarantine more than 70 Mexicans over swine flu fears sent a plane Monday to the communist country to bring its citizens back home.

American Airlines’ unions upset over bonuses

FORT WORTH, Texas — Labor officials say executives with American Airlines' parent company, AMR Corp., shouldn't be taking bonuses when the airline is losing money and has performed poorly on a varie

Israeli tourists upset Jordanians

Jordanian authorities have recently lodged an official complaint with the Israeli Embassy in Amman, citing the way Israeli tourists have been conducting themselves while visiting the Hashemite Kingdom