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Archbishop of Canterbury: Jesus wouldn’t get UK visa under new immigration system

mm Chief Assignment Editor- November 19, 2019

Taking a thinly-camouflaged dig at the proposed so-called point-based immigration system trumpeted by British PM Boris Johnson, Archbishop of Canterbury ... Read More

EU and UK reach post-Brexit visa-free travel agreement

mm Chief Assignment Editor- February 9, 2019

The endless debate regarding the forthcoming Brexit rules between Europe and the Unite Kingdom seems to have come to a ... Read More

UK desperately wants high-spending Chinese tourists

editor editor- October 20, 2012

High-spending Chinese tourists have become an increasingly welcome sight on Europe's streets, as the continent struggles through its deepest recession ... Read More

UK visa issues making Britain unattractive

editor editor- May 16, 2012

On Tuesday May 15 at 11:00 am, the UK’s Immigration Minister, Damian Green, appeared before the British parliament’s Home Affairs ... Read More

ETOA responds to new UK government tourism policy

editor editor- March 4, 2011

The European Tour Operators Association (ETOA) broadly welcomed the new tourism policy, released today by the Tourism Minister. Read More