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Britons’ attitudes to cruises show significant opportunities for UK travel agents

LONDON, England - New figures released today by Amadeus show that there are great opportunities ahead for travel agents to capitalise on UK travelers' appetites for cruise holidays, with many being te

United States is favorite holiday destination for UK lottery winners

LONDON, England - Nearly a third of UK lottery millionaires looking to get away after a jackpot win are likely to book a holiday to the United States, according to a recent study of past winners' spen

UK tour operator: Holidays to Sharm el Sheikh prove increasingly popular

ROMFORD, England - The increase of hotel occupancy in Sharm el Sheikh shows that holidays to this Egyptian resort have become much more popular.

Brits’ ideal hotel is “22 minutes from airport”

ROMFORD, England - A recent travel survey has unveiled what British holidaymakers want most from their ideal holiday this year, with the old favourites, sun, sea and sand still proving to be the most

British Airways launches new routes to Haneda, Japan

CRAWLEY, England - British Airways has announced the launch of a new route to Haneda in Japan in a push to open up the domestic Japanese market to UK travelers.