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Florida overturns International Driving Permit requirement for UK travelers

LONDON, England - A new law in Florida which banned UK travelers from driving a car in the State unless they held an International Driving Permit (IDP) has been overturned.

Uganda welcomes record number of UK tourists

The number of tourists coming to Uganda from the UK and Ireland has surpassed previous years' records despite the recent Ebola outbreak.

Gran Canaria heatwave kills two UK visitors

Wendy Richardson, 78, and Willoughby Chaffey, 74, had both been hiking on the Spanish island on Sunday when tragedy struck, according to reports.

UK tourists arrested, barred from US, deported over Twitter joke

Two pals were barred from entering the US after innocent tweets joking about "destroying America" were picked up by the country's anti-terror cops.

Seychelles strengthens bonds with UK

The January 14, 2012 press and tour operator lunch, sponsored by Seychelles in London, has been well received by the trade in the United Kingdom.

Germans want parity with Brits on visa rules

PANAJI - German tourists visiting Goa want parity with their UK counterparts regarding relaxation in the mandatory two-month cooling period required between subsequent visits to India.

Top travel destinations for Brits in 2012

CHESTER, England - As 2011 draws to a close, all eyes are on where Brits will be heading for their 2012 holidays.

Super-complaint about travel currency ‘rip-off’ launched in UK

Holiday-makers are ripped off every time they take out foreign currency or spend abroad, according to watchdog Consumer Focus.

Millions of Brits suffering from a “holiday hangover”

NEWPORT, Wales - As millions of Brits return from their summer holiday a new survey by comparison site Gocompare.com reveals that not everyone does so feeling 'relaxed and refreshed'.

Brits go on Mediterranean holidays for longer this summer

Data from the Office for National Statistics has shown that Brits traveled for longer in 2010.

Visa: Brits biggest card spenders in UAE

When it comes to swiping plastic in the UAE, British tourists are head and shoulders above the rest, new research from payment solutions provider Visa shows.

Christmas holidays: Ski vs. beach

LONDON - As we continue to plunge into the depths of winter, more and more British citizens are flocking to holiday destinations in order to escape the trials of everyday life.

British tourists biggest spenders at FIFA World Cup 2010

According to data from VISA, British tourists in South Africa have so far been the biggest spenders during the FIFA World Cup 2010.

UK advises tourists to observe local dress code in Goa

PANAJI - Britain has begun advising its nationals to "observe and respect local dress and customs" while visiting Goa.

June brings relief to Spain’s tourism

MADRID - The number of foreign visitors to Spain fell 10 percent in June versus a year ago, a slight improvement on the January-May period, figures showed on Tuesday.

$7m tourism campaign pitches to UK visitors

Tourism New Zealand will launch its biggest ever British marketing campaign next month in a bid to stem the fall in visitor numbers from our second largest tourism market.

Tourists safe after China quake

Nineteen UK tourists who were visiting a region in China when a massive earthquake struck have been found safe, the British ambassador says.Fourteen were flown from the Wolong area in Sichuan, famed for its panda reserve, to Chengdu, with five due to fly out later, Sir William Ehrman said.

Rabies alert for tourists in France

British tourists are being urged to be on their guard after a case of rabies was confirmed in France.Authorities there have identified four potential areas where people may have been exposed to rabies, which was confirmed in a dog on February 26.The UK's Health Protection Agency (HPA) said the risk of rabies is "ongoing" in these regions although the risk to humans is low.