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Uganda government considering stake in Air Uganda

UGANDA (eTN) - When some time ago a few individuals tried to make hay with their chatter to once again start up a national airline in Uganda – Air Uganda was liquidated in 2001 after several failed

Will Uganda’s bureaucrats kill tourism and aviation?

UGANDA (eTN) - Only recently was it reported here, that not only did the international airlines express their dissatisfaction with the service levels provided by the international airport in Entebbe,

No foul play in Uganda CAA tender award

(eTN) - "That was pure malice from complainants and frankly incompetence from the PPDA [Public Procurement Disposal of Public Assets Authority] for falling into that trap in the first place," was the

Fuel shortage at Entebbe adds to regional aviation woes

ENTEBBE, Uganda (eTN) - Following the repeated power outages at the region’s largest airport in Nairobi news emerged that Entebbe has been suffering from a lack of aviation fuel again last week.