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Pegasus Airlines launches new routes to Doha and Athens

LONDON, England - Pegasus Airlines, Europe's fastest growing airline*, has just added Doha and Athens to its roster of destinations, open for booking now, meaning that it now flies to 71 destinations

Turkish Pegasus Airlines to go public

ANKARA, Turkey - Pegasus, Turkey’s largest private air carrier, is planning to open up its shares to the public, according to the company.

‘Drunk’ man aboard Turkish Airlines flight claimed to have bomb

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia - A drunken man claiming to have a bomb tried to hijack a Russian-bound Turkish Airlines plane on Wednesday but was quickly overpowered by fellow passengers, officials said.

Turkish Airlines adds more destinations, as Stockholm becomes key market

ISTANBUL, Turkey (eTN) - Turkish Airlines is rapidly expanding its number of departures to Stockholm. It will offer two flights from Turkey and back on Sundays beginning September 7.