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Twelve passengers hurt when turbulence hits United flight

12 people suffered minor injuries aboard a United Airlines flight when it encountered turbulence while flying over Louisiana on Wednesday, officials said.

AA plane makes emergency landing after 2 passengers injured

A plane made an emergency landing in South Carolina Tuesday after two passengers were injured during the turbulent flight, aviation authorities said.

Emirates Airline criticized over air turbulence incident

Kochi, India - The Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has criticized Emirates Airline for the manner in which the pilot and other officials handled Dubai-Kochi flight that suffered air turbulen

This is your captain speaking: please prepare for turbulence

SANTA BARBARA, CA - Before taking a trip research the weather in flight and at your destination. Pack accordingly and double check that your most important documents aren't left behind.

Injured passengers from United Flight 967 released from hospital

The last of 21 people suffering bumps, bruises and neck strain from severe turbulence aboard a United Airlines flight were released from the hospital on Wednesday, a medical source said.

Passengers injured, flight diverted after plane hits turbulence

An American Eagle flight from Greensboro, N.C.

Severe turbulence injures ten on United Flight 935

LOS ANGELES — Authorities say 10 people suffered injuries, including broken bones, during severe turbulence on a flight from London to Los Angeles that was diverted to Montreal.

26 passengers injured by turbulence on Rio-Houston flight

Severe turbulence shook a Continental Airlines flight Monday, injuring dozens of passengers and forcing the aircraft to divert to Miami, Florida, according to the airline and a fire official.

NASA developing prototype to help aircraft avoid ocean storms and turbulence

While the cause of the tragic loss of Air France Flight 447 has yet to be determined, what we do know for sure is that the aircraft was flying through turbulence over the Atlantic Ocean at the time th

32 hurt on turbulent Hong Kong-Bangkok flight

Bangkok — Thirty-two people were hospitalized Thursday after a China Airlines Boeing 747-400 hit severe turbulence en route from Hong Kong to Bangkok, a Thai aviation official said.

China Airlines turbulent flight to Bali

Thirteen Chinese were hurt when a plane operated by China Airlines was struck by turbulence on its route from Taipei to Bali of Indonesia on Saturday, a doctor said.
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