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Congo’s regime troops fire into Rwanda

(eTN) - In what has been described as a blatant act of aggression and an overt attempt to drag Rwanda into the civil conflict raging in the Eastern Congo, regime soldiers have fired mortar rounds and

RwandAir replaces foreign chartered airlines for troop transport

(eTN) - Having acquired additional aircraft in recent months, the Rwandan national airline, RwandAir, has won a bid to fly peacekeeping troops from Kigali to Darfur, where the country maintains a majo

Tourism news: Uganda considers more troops for Somalia

(eTN) - The African Union mission in Somalia, presently short of the envisaged 8,100 troops, may soon see up to 2,000 more Ugandan personnel arrive, according to the latest reports released in Kampala

Pakistan hunts French tourist’s kidnappers

ISLAMABAD — Pakistani police hunted Sunday for a French tourist kidnapped in the country's restive southwest but an officer said they still did not know who was behind the abduction.

War is looming

According to an article on www.bangkokpost.com, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen ordered fresh troops to the border with an ultimatum to Thailand: "Pull military forces back today or the border will b

Italian troops become tourist attraction

A move by the Italian government to deploy soldiers to replace police in providing security at embassies and diplomatic residences has created a new attraction for tourists visiting the capital – he

VFW says waive airline bag fees for troops

WASHINGTON - A U.S. veterans group called on airlines to stop charging an extra-bag fee to U.S. troops traveling to Iraq.

Kidnappers of Austrian tourists demand withdrawal of country’s troops from Afghanistan

VIENNA, Austria: Austrian radio reported Monday that Islamist militants holding two Austrian tourists in North Africa have made new demands for their release.