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Author Rick Antonson Joins TravelTalkRADIO

Rick Antonson, author of Route 66 Still Kicks: Driving America’s Main Street tells us some stories on this adventure through the famous road.

Author of Dancing in the Foutain, Karen McCann, is perfect example...

Author of Dancing in the Fountain Karen McCann joins Sandy Dhuyvetter on TravelTalkRADIO to share her story on how a simple vacations’ stay turned in to picking up and adding a home half way across

Worldwide Emergency Medical Assistance for Travelers at Affordable Pricing

Patrice Shilling, Chief Strategy Officer and Managing Partner for Private JetMD, joins Sandy Dhuyvetter on TravelTalkRADIO to talk about how Worldwide Emergency Medical Assistance and Evacuation Serv

Richard Bangs talks about why Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival...

Richard Bangs joins Sandy Dhuyvetter on TravelTalkRADIO to talk about the annual film festival at the Banff Center this coming Oct and Nov.

Changed wording on Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act makes it...

TravelTalkMEDIA Executive Producer and Host Sandy Dhuyvetter, has announced her support for the Cruise Victims Association, challenging FBI reports on cruise crime statistics.

Tribute to the late Gary Sain, President of the Orlando,...

In honor of a great travel leader, we give Tribute to the late Gary Sain, President of the Orlando, Florida, Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The idea of healthy skin and travel does not have to...

Thanks to Tricia Schimpp and her passion for botanicals and travel, a product called Bryce Canyon Botanicals was born.

Celebrated author, and veterinarian, photographer hope to save the elephants

Celebrated author, Maria Coffee and veterinarian and photographer, husband, Dr. Dag Goering are celebrating 10 years of bringing travel experiences to a new level.

James Delgado’s new book, Silent Killers, celebrates the history of the...

James P. Delgado, Ph.D., is a world-renowned maritime archaeologist and author.

Fine artist infuses art with Elvis impersonations in Vegas and...

Get ready to be blown away. The best part is watching the ladies react to him. He is a class act and an exceptional talent.

Inventor finds solution for wandering Alzheimer patients

Patrick Bertagna, founder and co-inventor of the GTX Smart shoe joins Sandy to discuss this new invention and what it means to patients and families.

Bhutan Bragging Rights

Welcoming guests to Bhutan is still a new experience for the people of Bhutan who are called Drukpas.

Author Anita Mendiratta discusses new book with Sandy Dhuyvetter

Join Sandy Dhuyvetter and Anita Mendiratta as they discuss this literary genius that is touched with trendy information and a profound understanding of tourism and how it is shaping today's cultures a

Largest Medical Spa in Jordan on Dead Sea Attracts Medically Insured...

The Dead Sea Spa and Resort on the Dead Sea in Jordan was the first in the region to focus on using the minerals and the botanicals from the Dead Sea to restore immune systems and heal skin disorders.

Australia Tourism Cashes in on Double Win with Ben Southall

Winner of 2009 Best Job in the World, Ben Southall has created another opportunity for tourism in the Great Barrier Reef.

Betty Makoni, CNN Hero, joins Sandy in Ghana at International Women’s...

Not often do you meet a real modern day hero like Betty Makoni.

Explore Africa, share your skills, meet families and ladies groups and...

The Cultural Explorer Founder Pat Walker is offering another 3 trips to Africa. Ladies of the world, check it out. Pat has an amazing talent for customizing her trips for all that participate.

Sandy welcomes her audiences to this week’s program

Welcome to this week's TravelTalkRADIO programming information.Sandy invited Greg Baxter, her longtime sidekick, to join her for this week's programming.

Rick Steves Free App Delivers European Experience

Rick Steves, European Travel Expert, joins Sandy to discuss the release of his free app, RICK STEVES’ AUDIO EUROPE, for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

South African Trip Planned for Women to Explore and Give Back.

South African trip planned for women who want to explore and give back.

Have wheelchair will travel.

Meet 'Lilmitchy'. Mitch St.Pierre AKA Lilmitchy, is a 28 year old wheelchair world traveler and Filmmaker.

And the 2010 Grand Prize for Travel Journalism goes to…

Join Sandy as she congratulates Michael Luongo, Travel Writer, Teacher and Grand Prize winner this year of North American Travel Journalist Association (NATJA) travel writing awards.

Meet founder of Teach with Africa Margie Schlenoff

Margie's story is fascinating and she will surprise and move you with her candid personal story.

LeVar Burton on TravelTalkRADIO to Discuss Upcoming Peace Conference in Jordan

An insightful interview with one of today's most respected Internationally acclaimed actor, producer, and director is in store for you.

Global opportunities for travel agents at San Francisco trade show

SAN MATEO, CA (eTN) – Organizers of the first mini trade show in the San Francisco Bay area will welcome exhibitors from around the world to meet Bay Area Travel Agents.