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Absence of tourists hurts Old Sana’a City merchants

In the heart of the capital, lays Old Sana'a City with its towered buildings and ancient architecture that experts believe dates back 2,500 years.

Renewed terror warnings shock Kenya’s tourism fraternity

(eTN) - Warnings by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the UK about the possibility of an imminent terror strike on Kenya, and in particular targeting foreign nationals, especially British, has sh

Thai travel warnings – who said what

BANGKOK - Many countries have issued travel advisories for the Thai capital since Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva declared a state of emergency in April to quell unrest that has killed 27 people and

Blanket tourist warning questioned by the Tourism Authority of Thailand

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has questioned the Foreign Office's decision to extend a warning against travelling to Bangkok to the whole of the country.

Tourism veteran Lutzi Mazig expresses his indignation with events in Thailand

Bangkok's office of Asian Trails is just in the midst of the action.

US, Japan & Germany lift Zimbabwe travel warnings

Slowly but surely, Zimbabwe is returning to the international fold and promoting tourism, especially to Victoria Falls.

R.O.A.R.: Boycott Mexico? No, boycott American stupidity

The market vendor handed me the sack of fresh-made potato chips she’d just hauled out of the fryer, and motioned that I should add a bit of salt and lime juice.

What Mexican drug war? Spring-break students defy travel warnings.

Cancún, Mexico - Spring break in Mexico has always caused consternation among parents. Booze cruises and all-night beach parties are the typical worries.

American tourists urged to heed travel warnings

WASHINGTON - The terrorist attacks in India, riots in Greece and unrest in other parts of Europe are giving some Americans second thoughts about traveling abroad.