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Brits turning their thoughts to holidays in the sun

LONDON, England - With the UK suffering an even worse winter than usual, plagued by record levels of snow, ice and rain, it's not difficult to see why many are turning their thoughts to holidays in th

Seven tips for surviving holiday travel with your kids

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - If you've ever traveled with kids (especially over the holidays), you know it's an adventure.

HotelTravel.com launches multilingual social media

PHUKET, Thailand - HotelTravel.com is now live on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ in both Japanese and Russian with additional languages coming very soon.

Biggest “mistakes” budget travelers make

Aiming to offer “essential advice for frugal travelers, Cheapflights.com has compiled a list it calls its “top ten budget busting travel mistakes.” The website, known for publishing travel deal

Vegas virgin? Here’s your guide!

For those who are planning a trip to Las Vegas but have never been - rest up, because it is one of the liveliest cities in the entire world filled with something to do every minute of every day.

20 travel tips for 2010

Last year was the year of the travel bargain, but this year may not offer such steals.