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Travel sector must help government understand threat of reduced funding

LEXINGTON, Kentucky - Across-the-board sequestration cuts for an array of federal government functions are beginning to take a toll on travel to and within the United States.

Call to action: how to make the most of big travel...

Travel companies can use data analytics to create competitive advantage, but it is not just what you know that wins in this business dynamic, it is about how fast you make sense of it and what action

Spotlight on investing in Caribbean tourism sector

Investing in the Caribbean region’s tourism sector will be the focus of a power breakfast this June, presented by the Caribbean Tourism Organization and Hard Beat Communications, Inc., in collaborat

Official: Philippine travel industry to grow despite hostage crisis fallout

MANILA - Philippine tour operators are confident that the country's travel industry will continue to grow despite the negative publicity generated by the Aug.

Domestic tourists help to cushion travel sector

Kenyans travelling around the country in the first quarter of the year helped cushion the tourism sector from collapse.Latest statistics show that the domestic tourism segment of the industry grew its occupancy by 45 per cent, the best performance compared to all other segments of the sector.