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The big reveal: oneworld’s newest member – Royal Air Maroc

Oneworld, an airline alliance, started February 1, 1999 and currently has 14 members, thanks to the new addition of Royal Air Maroc.

Data. Disaster or discovery?

If you are not a math genius or aced your quantitative analysis courses at MIT, the current focus on big data delivers either a migraine headache or a wish for the days when spreadsheet analysis meant

United Airlines launches Windows Phone 8 mobile app

CHICAGO, Ill. – United Airlines has introduced a new application for Windows Phone 8 users that puts their important travel information at their fingertips.

Making travel research a whiz

WiZZ.travel is a worldwide travel directory which, unlike many other travel listings, is focused on the destinations travelers want to visit.

Mobile access to travel information launched by Star Alliance

FRANKFURT, Germany – Following the recent successful launch of its Navigator iPhone app, the Star Alliance network has now become the first airline alliance to introduce an easy and simple to use fa

Online Tonga travel guide launched

South Pacific Travel has launched its online Tonga Travel Guide with 125 pages of maps, photos, drawings, and travel information.
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