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Seychelles travel guide now in Korean bookstores

A book on Seychelles travel was published and launched successfully as of April 25, 2013 and is now in Korean book stores.

Insightful new guide: The Travel Angel

WAILUKU, Hawaii – From ancient voyagers to today's frequent fliers, travel has always been a window to the rest of the world and a means of transforming strangers into valued friends.

Insightful guidebook to Jordan now available

Bradt Travel Guides has published its first guidebook to Jordan.

Online Tonga travel guide launched

South Pacific Travel has launched its online Tonga Travel Guide with 125 pages of maps, photos, drawings, and travel information.

“Travel guide” iPhone application launched by American Airlines

FORT WORTH, Texas - Mobile phones have evolved into hand-held personal assistants, concierges and bookkeepers for people on the go.

New Colombia travel guide

The latest Colombian travel guide, published in May by Bradt, will be officially launched at the Colombian Ambassador’s residence in London SW1 on July 1st.

A tourist guide to … the Mafia

Planning a trip to Sicily and wondering how to spot a Mafioso?Augusto Cavadi, a Sicilian high school teacher and Mafia scholar, tells tourists everything they've wanted to know about the Mafia in a 55-page handbook.