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Data. Disaster or discovery?

If you are not a math genius or aced your quantitative analysis courses at MIT, the current focus on big data delivers either a migraine headache or a wish for the days when spreadsheet analysis meant

Big data, big overstatement?

In the run up to EyeforTravel’s Smart Analytics Travel Show next week, we look at some of the biggest data and analytics challenges for travel businesses in 2013.

Why data and analytics should be ruling the travel roost

Back in 2009, Ian McCaig (then the CEO of Lastminute.com) was quoted as saying, “the best marketing channel for us at the moment is in analytics.” At the time, that statement was rather bold.

Call to action: how to make the most of big travel...

Travel companies can use data analytics to create competitive advantage, but it is not just what you know that wins in this business dynamic, it is about how fast you make sense of it and what action

International tourist arrivals back at pre-crisis peak level

Results through August 2010 prove that international tourism continues to recover from the decline of 4.2% suffered last year under the impact of the economic crisis.