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US plays more power games with new Kenyan travel bans

(eTN) - After the travel ban for US Embassy and associated organizations staff to the Kenyan port city of Mombasa last week, which had caused outrage within Kenyan government circles over both content

US Embassy lifts staff travel ban to Mombasa

(eTN) - Information was confirmed yesterday that the US Embassy in Nairobi has lifted the travel ban imposed on all their staff – though that clearly did not affect the allegedly dozens of operative

NTA continues to press for unrestricted travel from US to Cuba

LEXINGTON, Kentucky, USA - NTA President Lisa Simon was the keynote speaker during a Friday video conference focused on the impact of the US travel ban to Cuba.

Travel embargo now extends 150 km from Somali border

(eTN) - Embassies and High Commissions in Nairobi were swift to react to the second abduction of a foreign national from the sun-drenched beaches of Kenya’s Indian Ocean shores last weekend and intr

House committee advances legislation that would lift Cuba travel ban

Washington - Americans sunning on Cuban beaches and selling farm products without restrictions to the Cuban government – would such unfettered Cuba travel and trade boost prospects for freedom in Cu

China ends travel ban on visitors with HIV and AIDS

BEIJING – China has lifted a two-decade-old ban on people with HIV and AIDS from entering the country, just as it is about to welcome the world to the Shanghai Expo.

Ending travel ban on Cuba will show respect for our own...

'Only in Miami is Cuba so far away.'' On no other issue are the words of Bette Midler's song truer than on the issue of Cuba travel.

Colonial “master” attitude makes unwanted return

Kenyans were left bewildered last weekend to learn that several Western countries had allegedly threatened members of the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) with travel bans should they not resign th

Tibetan festival banned, Lithang Travel Ban

Authorities in a Tibetan region of China’s southwestern Sichuan province have ordered a build-up of security forces in the region and canceled an annual horse-racing festival that was marked by prot