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Goa beach village wants tourists to take their garbage home

PANAJI, India - A Goa beach village now wants tourists to carry back the garbage they generate while having a ball on the beach.

You can tell a lot about a visitor by their trash

Sheraton Princess Kaiulani general manager Fred Orr has picked up on a new way to measure tourism spending — the trash cans in guest rooms.

Albania’s tourism and investment lure are buried under trash and sewage

SARANDE, Albania - By closing Albania to the outside world, its Communist leaders preserved vast swaths of virgin Mediterranean coastline from unbridled development.

You can’t hide the trash from the tourism

Holiday stations are not so crowded because of the authorities’ and economic agents’ disregard.

Visitors must learn to love Naples for its rubbish and filth,...

Claudio Velardi, 53, took the job of luring tourists to Italy's dirtiest and most criminal city at a time when Neapolitans are rioting over the mountains of rubbish lying in the streets.The crisis, which arose after the city's dumps became full and collections halted, continues to worsen.

Naples streets now free of trash but also tourists

NAPLES - The streets of Naples are cleaner than ever but there are few tourists to see them. Images of head-high piles of trash have driven them away -- and with them the southern Italian city's biggest source of income.