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Local farmers earn over $39 million from tourism

The Jamaica Tourism Agri-Linkages Exchange (ALEX) pilot project has assisted 400 local farmers with the marketing of approximately 360,000 kg of agricultural produce valued at over $39 million.

VistaJet’s newest in-flight service is nothing to “wine” about

VistaJet announced today the launch of The VistaJet Wine Program,

Shangri-La hotels looks for expansion in Thailand

BANGKOK (eTN) - If some Bangkok hotels like to display ostentatious luxury, the Shangri-La hotel in Bangkok has systematically adopted the contrary approach.

Tourist traders warned against cheating

Srinagar - Jammu and Kashmir Tourist Enforcement Wing has warned traders and others connected with the tourism industry, directly or indirectly, not to indulge in cheating tourists. “We have decided to take stern action against those traders who are found cheating tourists,” an official spokesman of the department said.
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