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Oenological Tourism Gaining Ground

An increasing number of Tunisian wine makers are taking accrued interest in oenological tourism as a way not only of promoting their wines, but also to establish potential commercial ties with European customers and wine retailers.

Nairobi nightclubs try it all to lure back tourists

NAIROBI - Kenya's ethnic bloodshed has scared away hundreds of thousands of tourists. Nairobi's seedy nightclubs think they know just how to bring them back. Curvaceous Kenyan women in skimpy outfits slowly, and then rapidly, gyrate to Egyptian tunes like "This is what I love. This is it. This is it" during belly-dancing theme night at the Casablanca club.

Ten tips for New York tourists

Don't be intimidated by the big crowds and bigger buildings. New York can be a friendly and manageable city for visitors if you heed some of this time-tested advice.

Polish Tourist Organisation plans specialist training programme for Indian travel trade

In a bid to augment the number of Indian tourists to Poland, Polish Tourist Organisation (PTO) plans to conduct a specialist training programme for the Indian travel trade either in April or September 2008 in New Delhi and Mumbai. The programme will essentially educate the travel agents about various destinations in Poland and their offerings for tourists.

Tourists from abroad bolster hotels

Burt Cabañas arrived in the U.S. just shy of his 10th birthday with his mother. She took the family to Miami from their native Cuba so she could recover from his father's death. But instead of returning, the family decided to stay when Fidel Castro aligned his government with communism.

Gay and lesbian tourism becoming ‘less ghetto-ized,’ says travel show co-host

TORONTO - Finding a gay and lesbian-friendly travel destination doesn't mean having to focus on the well-known gay villages or tourism hotspots in urban centres anymore. Charlie David, Canadian co-host of the American TV series "Bump," has found gay and lesbian-centric getaways in remote corners of the world as travel companies and governments cater to the culture.

Florida hopes ads boost tourism

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida's top industry is hoping to blunt the effect of a softening economy with its first national ad campaign aimed at persuading travelers to come to the state. The tourism ad campaign, focusing TV and Web viewers in cold Northern cities, began Monday. Besides a 30-second TV spot, the campaign includes print advertising and a heavy emphasis on a Web-based promotion.

Sri Lanka in tourism tie-up with Al Jazeera

The Sri Lankan ministry of tourism has tied up with Al Jazeera Arabic channel to improve the global perception of the country's internal security and also promote and boost its tourism sector.

Taking Wales’ tourism to a new level

Having been 10 years in the making, this is the £110m holiday destination which claims it will take tourism in Wales to another level when it opens in June.

Trails, instead of roads, will beef up Cordillera tourism

BAGUIO CITY - Common sense tells most people that roads lead towns to economic success. But an alternative map detailing a rudimentary trail system, which links 500 kilometers of rich forest land in interior Cordillera, may be all that rural communities need to bring modern trade to them.

International visitation up 17% in November 2007, spending at $11.2 Billion...

The U.S. Department of Commerce announced that 3.9 million international visitors traveled to the United States in November 2007, an increase of 17 percent over November 2006. Total visitation for the eleven months of 2007 was up 11 percent from the same period in 2006.

India thwarts terrorist plan to attack tourists visiting Goa

Indian security forces thwarted a plan by terrorists to attack tourists visiting the western state of Goa, one of India's most popular holiday destinations. The attack was planned for the Christmas-New Year period in North Goa's Calangute-Baga beach area, state-run broadcaster Doordarshan reported. The plan was discovered when police detained a suspect recently, it said.

It’s David vs. tourist in Florence

Florence has a love-hate relationship with tourists. Its economy utterly depends on tourists. At the same time, little Florence is overwhelmed by them and knows the crowds will only thicken as Asians get wealthier and travel to this renaissance jewel of a city.

Ten tips for Boston tourists

When you're in Boston, it's tempting to test out the local-speak. But Bostonians strongly advise against it. Here are some other insider tips for making your visit as enjoyable as possible:

British tourists warned of bomb risks in Sri Lanka

As British Government calls for political process to end bloodshed, a warning is issued to travellers. The government has warned Britons that the risk of travel in Sri Lanka is increasing following the latest bomb attack in the capital, Colombo.

Trouble in Paradise: Kauai vs. tourists

KOLOA, Kauai — This winter's candlelight vigils and banner-waving protesters are gone, their legal challenges exhausted. Soon, bulldozers could roll past Koloa's wooden sidewalks, clucking chickens and stop sign plastered with a "Die Developers Die" bumper sticker, ready to transform a ragtag grove of monkeypod trees into a shopping center.

HK ready for Chinese New Year travel peak

With the Chinese New Year Golden Week just around the corner, the Tourism Commission has coordinated with government departments and the tourism industry, and liaised with Mainland tourism authorities, to draw up measures to prepare for the arrival of Mainland visitors during the travel peak period.

Poverty tourism

While the critics of so-called "poverty tourism" say that it exploits people, turning neighborhoods into zoos, the tours' organizers argue that it can raise awareness about poverty, fight stereotypes, and bring money into areas that don't benefit from tourism.

Argentina sees comeback of tango, for tourists

BUENOS AIRES - Tango impresario Juan Fabbri can't get a table at the 500-seat dinner theater he runs. That's because Esquina Carlos Gardel in Buenos Aires is packed with tourists every night.

The 14 best travel scams

From Floridian fraudsters to fake Peruvian police, these are the scoundrels out to scam you - plus, tell us your holiday scam horrors. Ever had your holiday ruined by a con artist? Been ripped off by a faker posing as a travel agent? Tell us your tales of the holiday scammers - and whether they got away with it. Use the comment form below

Eco-tourists giving great apes deadly viruses

Eco-tourism was once hailed as the savior of wildlife and impoverished regions of the world alike, but the list of problems associated with the industry has begun to grow.

Government to introduce tea tourism in North Bengal

Kolkata - With an eye on attracting both domestic and foreign tourists, the state government has embarked on an ambitious project for the development of an integrated tea tourism circuit.

Nuke tourism radiating growth

Nuclear power is in vogue.

‘Thrillionaire’ signs on as backup space tourist

An Australian entrepreneur and self-described "thrillionaire" has signed on as the backup space tourist for the next paid flight to the International Space Station (ISS).

Too often tourists see only affluent areas of world’s cities

I have been to Nairobi twice in my life, passing through to take a plane or bus out into the great safari games parks of the Masai Mara, the Serengeti and Ngorogoro Crater.
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