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After 10-year debate Edinburgh ditches tourist tax plan

Plans to introduce a controversial tourist tax in Edinburgh have finally been put to bed, after the local council admitted it wasn't a viable option.

Tourist tax: rules and exemptions the Italian way

ITALY (eTN) – “The residence or tourist tax is a tax on consumers; the rules of application and exemption are condensed to a local individual fantasy, difficult to explain not only to the Italian

Minister: Edinburgh’s planned “tourist tax” not legal

The Scottish capital's council said it could raise up to £10m a year by charging between £1 and £2 per hotel room each night.

Rome City Council to go ahead with accommodation tax

"In order for the city of Rome not to tax Romans, we have decided to tax the tourists," said Councillor Federico Guidi.

Tourist tax prompts Ryanair to cut UK winter flight capacity by...

DUBLIN - Irish low-budget airline Ryanair Holdings PLC said Tuesday it will cut its U.K.

Blue Mountains “tourist tax” dead and buried

Blue Mountains City Council has ruled out introducing a new ‘tourism tax’ only three weeks after possible plans for a daytripper charge made tabloid headlines and caused a sensation on talkback ra

O’Connor floats tourist tax to fund industry

Funding has finally been approved for the Government's much talked about tourism strategy but the difficulty in getting it passed has highlighted key financing issues for the industry.