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Rabid dogs create serious problem for Bali, prompt US travel warning

At least 78 people have been killed over the last two years by bites from rabid dogs roaming Bali, a top tourist hotspot.

Roethlisberger’s sexual assault case turns small Georgia town into tourist spot

Back in March, Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was accused of sexually assaulting a very drunk 20-year-old college student in the bathroom of Capital City Nightclub in Milledgeville, Georgia.

‘Fishing’ for love at tourist spot

A woman who has been "fishing for a husband" at a tourist spot in Kaifeng, China, has set two conditions for the candidate.He must be below 50 years old and must have at least $1.22 million.

Man trap set to maim tourists

A man-made trap designed to maim or kill has been found along a popular Northern Territory tourist bushwalk.

Monster croc at popular Northern Territory tourist spot

A monster croc believed to be at least 4.5m (14.76 feet) long has been spotted lurking near a walkway at a popular Northern Territory tourist reserve.

Nepal royal palace turned tourist spot

After deciding to turn Narayanhity palace into a museum, Nepal’s Maoists on Sunday opened another 240-year-old Shah dynasty palace in Gorkha district to the public.Once the address of the Shah dynasty, the historic Gorkha palace was opened to the public with Maoist chief Prachanda unveiling a signboard with "Federal Democratic Republic Nepal" written on it.